High school communities are wholly focused on the well-being of their teens. It’s exactly the right environment in which to provide them a service and insight that could literally save lives. SCA is the #1 killer of student athletes and the leading cause of death on school campuses. While high school athletes are 60% more susceptible to SCA, any teen could unknowingly be at risk.


Screenings are open to the public to any youth ages 12 to 25. Participants come from across county. Parents register on our website, download and complete the Screening Packet and waiver for the youth to bring to the event.


A screening must have school-wide support, from administration to teachers to athletics, PTA to boosters, ASB to student organizations. The school must fully promote the screening within its community. EP promotes the event within the district and countywide.


Screening events typically require use of the gym and 8 adjacent classrooms. The school waives any associated facility fees. We provide each school with a copy of our liability insurance. We will visit your campus for a site walk to designate needed space and review the gameplan.


We require about 25 folding tables and 50 chairs, extra trash cans and power outlets in each space. We also ask for 20 adult volunteers and 15 student volunteers to take shifts during the event. The school also provides breakfast and lunch refreshments for our total 125-member volunteer corp that makes each event possible.


Screenings are held on Sundays and are open to the public from 9 am to 3 pm, with access to the site needed from 6:30 am to 5 pm for set-up and tear-down. We provide six screenings each year, with dates typically confirmed 6 months to a year in advance. Event planning takes place about 8 weeks prior to the screening.

  • “Granite Hills High School had been previously affected by SCA with the unexpected loss of Ciara Horton-VanDerVliet. The free heart screenings conducted by the EP Save a Life Foundation provided such a valuable service to the families of our community. The positive attitudes and dedication of all of the volunteers was extremely impressive.”

    Shannon Foster
    Medical Pathway Coordinator, Granite Hills High School
  • “After hearing about Eric and learning more about SCA/D, I knew we had to offer screenings. The way I see it, there is no other option. We can save a life, period. But we also save a family, a school, and a community from a tragedy that is preventable.”

    Christina Scherr, MEd, ATC
    California Athletic Trainer’s Association, California Athletic Trainer’s Association
  • “The free cardiac screening held at Ramona High School was a “no brainer” for our school and community. The chance to get such a fantastic internal evaluation of a young heart insures health or offers a warning before something terrible could happen. I do not see why everyone does not do this.”

    Damon Baldwin
    Athletic Director, Ramona High School
  • “When I heard about these heart screenings, I immediately wanted this opportunity for the teens in Escondido. The tragedy of losing a child to Sudden Cardiac Arrest is unimaginable. If there is a possibility that one child is saved then there was no question that this event needed to take place. The professionalism, caring and dedication of all the volunteers that participated in this event was incredible.”

    Nancy Wallace MS RN
    Escondido Union High School District