Medical Volunteer Orientation

  • Orientation Confirmation

    As a medical volunteer for the Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation, you have been asked to participate in a self-orientation about sudden cardiac arrest and the work our foundation is doing to combat tragedy that could be averted through preventative youth heart screenings. Our hope is that you will use this experience to continue to champion sudden cardiac arrest prevention in youth as you advance your career. By checking "Yes" below, you are confirming that you have reviewed the following:

    - What is SCA?

    - Short Videos about SCA, Warning Signs and What to Do in a Cardiac Emergency

    - What is a Heart Screening?

    - Take a Cardiac Risk Assessment

    - About Our Foundation

    - Quick Refresher on Delivering Quality CPR

    Once you complete your review of the above and click submit below, you'll get a confirmation email you must print and bring to the screening.

    Thank you for your commitment to our mission to protect young hearts!