Support Eric’s Legacy

38,389 free heart screenings and counting have found 607 cardiac abnormalities—260 serious enough to stop a heart.

197 AEDs placed now help to protect 1.8 million hearts when cardiac arrest strikes on a school campus or youth center.

Hundreds of thousands of students, parents, coaches, educators and medical professionals have taken our free SCA prevention training.

3 state laws advancing SCA prevention, plus an ECG Pilot with the CA Department of Education to make heart screening more available.

July 23 marks 14 years the Paredes’ family and friends have lived without Eric. Fourteen years without watching him win wrestling matches. Seeing him graduate…get his first job…fall in love.

Instead, he was lost at age 15 to a heart condition no one knew he had. This beautiful boy, so full of life, who loved to dance and wanted to serve his community. But he never got the chance. 

The work we do is Eric’s legacy. We are truly grateful for your support.

Please remember Eric today, and all those needlessly lost to sudden cardiac arrest. Together we will build a new generation of life savers to protect young hearts.

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