Taking Prevention to Heart

The biggest misconception about SCA is that it won’t happen to your child. You have no family history…your child has no symptoms…your doctor has not indicated any issues…your school or sports program has not prioritized cardiac preparedness. 

But there is a dangerously low awareness of the true incidence of SCA among youth. Engage with one of our programs to protect young hearts in your family and community.

Screen Your Teen

Heart screenings are not a part of well-child exams or pre-participation sports physicals so we offer them for free. What is a Heart Screening.

Take a Cardiac Risk Assessment

SCA is not a heart attack. It is caused by an abnormality in the heart’s electrical system or structure. Warning signs and family risk factors are often unrecognized so it’s important to take regular cardiac risk assessments. Cardiac Risk Assessment.

Have a Cardiac Emergency Response Plan

Less than 10% of SCA victims do not survive because bystanders were unprepared to respond to a cardiac emergency. That’s why we advocate for CPR/AED training and Cardiac Emergency Response Plans (CERP) in schools. Get your free CERP toolkit.

Prescription for Prevention

Studies show young hearts are an often overlooked area of assessment, with practitioners, parents and patients largely unfamiliar with warning signs and risk factors that put youth at risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. This accredited, free, online training module offers an in-depth discussion of what primary care practitioners can do to incorporate evidence-based prevention protocol into their practices and equip youth to be their own heart health advocates.  Learn About CME

Pediatric Guidelines

Follow the American Academy of Pediatrics new guidelines for all youth to get a heart screening. Learn more.

How CPR and AEDs Save Lives

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is the only way to restart a heart in cardiac arrest. That’s why we place accessible AEDs anywhere youth congregate and educate bystanders follow the Cardiac Chain of Survival. Learn How AEDs Can Save Lives.

Keep Their Heart In the Game

There is no universal law that mandates sudden cardiac arrest prevention like there is for other health and safety concerns, such as vaccinations, concussions or fire. We advocate for SCA prevention legislation and have sponsored several state laws for youth sports programs.  Learn About Our Law.

Share SCA Educational Resources & SCA Prevention Training

We have created a library of FREE fact sheets, posters, flyers and toolkits and training to help educate youth, parents, schools and sports communities about warning signs and risk factors of SCA and what to do in a cardiac emergency. Get your free resources.

Smart Hearts Don’t Miss A Beat

This free classroom or independent study curriculum empowers young people to prevent sudden death at home, in school, on the field, at the doctor’s office and in their future families, and workplaces. Smart Hearts Don’t Miss A Beat


 The COVID-19 Youth Health Information Act directs schools to distribute information to parents about “gradual return-to-play” protocol for youth who’ve been symptomatic of diagnosed with COVID-19. Find out more about the recommended medical consultation before resuming PE or other physical activity.