CPR-AED Awareness Week June 1–7

You Can Save A Life

CALL • PUSH • SHOCK is a national collaborative movement with a mission to motivate bystander CPR/AED action and increase sudden cardiac arrest survival.

Call 911

Follow emergency dispatcher’s instructions.

Start CPR

Push hard and fast on the center of the chest 100-120 times/minute

Use an AED

Follow audio/visual instructions—you can’t hurt the victim

Are You Ready to Tackle Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

When someone suddenly collapses and is unresponsive, they are likely having a sudden cardiac arrest. While there may be several seconds of seizure activity or gasping, their heart has stopped and they are not breathing. Don’t spend time trying to take a pulse or wake them up—they won’t and your fast response is crucial. Victims need emergency intervention in the first 3 – 5 minutes and average arrival time for EMS averages 6 – 12 minutes.






Youth Deaths


Survival Rate

San Diego 2021




SCA at Home


SCA in Public


Bystander Used CPR


Bystander Used AED

ABCs of AEDs

An AED used in the first minutes of collapse can increase survival to 90%! Yet, the public feels more confident responding to a natural disaster, fire and choking victim then using an AED.

Anyone can use an AED.That means you! No training required.

Be sure it’s accessible. Never locked away! Don’t hesitate to get it.

Can’t hurt someone. Audio instructions guide you. AED shocks the victim only if needed.

Cardiac Emergency Response Plan

Make sure your schools, teams, clubs, camps are workplaces are ready to respond to a cardiac emergency. 

1. Form a Response Team
2. Document a Written Plan
3. Practice Your Plan
4. Communicate Plan to Community
5. Maintain Your AED

Learn more about how you can implement can implement a cardiac emergency response plan at your facility.

Practice CPR Using a T-Shirt, Towel and Toilet Paper and Your Favorite Song!

Watch a Cardiac Emergency Response Plan In Action!

For more information on the national call to action, visit callpushshock.org

Learn more about preventing sudden cardiac arrest before it strikes

Our Partner in Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention

The mission of San Diego Project Heart Beat is to help make AEDs as assessable as fire extinguishers throughout the region, while helping to educate society on the magnitude of sudden cardiac arrest death and teaching quick recognition and response to sudden cardiac arrest with the tools at hand. For CPR training, AED devices and maintenance programs, learn more.