Become a Volunteer

The free cardiac screenings provided by the Eric Paredes Save A Life Foundation can help identify undetected heart abnormalities that often present no recognizable warning signs. The lifeblood of these screenings are the volunteers who make it possible for us to save a life.

At this time we are working with a small number of general/non-medical volunteers. If you are interested in joining our list you can email

You can find the screening dates here.

Thank you for contributing your hearts and hands to our mission to save young hearts!

Hear more about why people lend their hearts and hands.

Youth Found At Risk Thank Our Volunteers.

Watch below To See What A Screening Looks Like

Licensed Medical Volunteer Sign Up

Medical volunteers are by invitation only (as we partner with area universities and hospitals).
Click Here to volunteer

Medical Volunteer Online Orientation

Once you have been instructed by your advisor please click here and follow the orientation directions.

Please note: Any scheduled volunteer wearing an EPSAL red t-shirt and over the age of 12 can be screened at the event. If you wish to be screened, you must download and complete a screening packet. Youth volunteers between 12 and 17 must have a parent signature and contact information on the packet.