Our Board and Staff

Hector Paredes
Eric’s Dad • California Highway Patrol (Retired) • Parent Heart Watch Member

The most motivating issue for me about Eric’s Foundation is the opportunity to save young lives from the overlooked heart conditions of sudden cardiac arrest. We are able to meet this lofty goal through the wonderful efforts of countless volunteers and a dedicated Board of Directors who share in this passion and for whom I’m forever grateful. I also have a vision that one day youth heart screenings and automatic external defibrillators will be mandatory.

Rhina Paredes-Greeson
Vice President
Eric’s Mom • Scripps Health, RN • Parent Heart Watch Member

I am involved in this foundation because this is my son’s legacy. We need to protect the youth in our community and save parents from the loss of their children from a syndrome that many times could be prevented by a simple EKG. Being in the medical field I didn’t know that sudden cardiac death could happen in a seemingly healthy 15 year old, but it does. We want to elevate the standard of care where our kids live, learn and play.

John Rogers, MD
Medical Director
Vice Chairman of Cardiology, Scripps Prebys Cardiovascular Institute • Associate Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, Scripps Clinic Medical Group

A long-time advocate of cardiac screenings for every teen, Dr. Rogers oversees a volunteer medical team at every EP Save A Life event and personally reviews each teen’s screening results. Board certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Dr. Rogers has special expertise in nuclear cardiology, syncope, electrophysiology and iimplantation of pacemakers and ICDs.

Marcy Vukotich

I have been with the EP Save a Life Foundation since the inception. I am very passionate because I knew Eric and experienced his loss. I feel it is so crucial to screen teens in order to save lives.

Steve Lykins
California Highway Patrol (Retired)

I am involved with the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation because of my long friendship with Hector and Rhina and because I knew Eric. I saw firsthand the devastation, loss, and deep sorrow Hector and Rhina experienced from Eric’s passing from SCA. The noble mission of the foundation they created provides critical education and awareness. I am honored to be part of this team of amazing individuals dedicated to saving lives.

Allison Healy-Poe

Our daughter was screened by the foundation in 8th grade. Despite being a totally asymptomatic, multi-sport athlete, she was found to have Wolff-Parkinson- White Syndrome. A successful procedure quickly returned to the activities she loved. She went on to become a Division 1 college athlete and is now pursing grad school. We pay forward our good fortune with gratitude each and every day for the foundation and their mission to prevent sudden cardiac arrest.

Laurie Mulligan
Board Chair

This foundation represents more to me than just heart screenings and AEDs. We are bringing communities together in the spirit of taking action and working together to prevent tragedies. We are helping people be their own advocates. I support EP Save a Life because we empower parents, children, coaches, and educators to be proactive and aware. It’s about creating conversations that would never happen without Eric.

Diana Li
Co- Executive Director, Board Member

As a parent of a teen who took part in an Eric Paredes Save A Life Screening in 2014, our son was diagnosed with a potentially llife-threatening heart defect. Our son’s life was changed that day at the screening. I believe very strongly in the mission and the principles of this organization and want to serve the youth in our area by raising awareness of SCA prevention.
Diana has served as a marketing and public relations consultant for a variety of organizations across two decades

Maureen Legg
Co-Executive Director

This community of Sudden Cardiac Arrest prevention champions inspires me daily. Their courage and their passion to protect other families from the devastation of losing a child is changing the way our communities protect young hearts.
For over three decades, Maureen has provided strategic leadership and trademark results-oriented communications tactics to help organizations realize their goals. She has been with EP Save A Life since 2012.